Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Momentary Distraction


  1. Well done Boston! On behalf of my countrymen, please accept my apologies for how so many of the Canuck fans reacted. Good game! Well deserved.

  2. Steven: I'm sure what we saw last night in no way reflects on the vast majority of Vancouver fans, and I know it it doesn't at all represent the Canadians I have met in my life. Some people were honestly upset at the outcome of the game, no doubt; some likely got swept up in the mob mentality; but I bet the ones who set it off were using the game as an excuse. It's a shame.

    Carrie: I'm exhausted just from *watching* the last two months of playoffs, I can't imagine how the players feel.

  3. Is this some team thing? Football team or ice hockey team thing? I mean that picture.


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