Friday, July 20, 2012

Enough Already

Earlier in the week I started working on today's post, which was going to be about some of the anger and stupidity floating around between authors and reviewers, because it seems like there's been, as Pink Floyd said, "A lot of it about", especially in the last two weeks.

And then I came downstairs this morning, put on my coffee, and before I've even had the chance to drink a cup, I see this headline on my homepage:
14 Dead After Shooting during 'Dark Knight' Screening in Aurora, Colorado
And I've got nothing to say about anything right now, except my heart goes out to the victims and their families, to everyone in the theater at the time, and to the family and friends of the person or people who committed this disgusting and horrific act.


  1. Me too. I was so very upset when I woke up to that as well. I have been sending prayers to those families all day!

  2. It is so very sad. Hard to move about your day when evil pokes its ugly head through the door like that. But even as it does, human goodness & heroic acts of kindness & bravery take center stage.


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