Friday, January 25, 2013


You ever have one of those weeks, where your sense of timing is just kind Where you're constantly either a day ahead or a day behind? Sure you have. Maybe it's because the Catbird had no school on Monday, and we took the Magpie back to school. Maybe it's because the Catbird told us she had a school function Wednesday night to attend, but it turned out it was actually Thursday (she told us this on Tuesday, not Wednesday, so no plans were broken, no one drove to school Wednesday night, only to learn we were there on the wrong day). Maybe it's because it's because yesterday's temperature bottomed out around -15 F, and barely cracked the positive single digit and we were just sluggish and slow.

Whatever the cause, I was just about to leave the house for work. I thought about coming home and whipping up tomorrow's post (which was actually mostly planned, shock and awe), when I realized: Today is Friday. Which means I goofed, and the purpose of this post is to tell you that there is no post today. Have a great weekend!


  1. I've been like that all week! Son had Monday off, but then he was also sick on Tuesday, so that makes today Thursday, right? You are totally ahead of schedule with this post.

    Happy TGIT!!

  2. My week has been off, too. MLK, Jr. Day started it and then everything spiraled out of proportion from there.

  3. This is actually quite a great nonpost. Heck. It's a holiday week. Enjoy it.

    Sorry you had to change plans for nothing.

  4. Love it! I hope your weekend rocked. And as a reminder - it IS Monday tomorrow (sadly) :) Enjoy the week!

  5. You're funny! Haha this sounds like something I've been doing lately. I guess that's what happens when you suddenly get a bunch of extra shifts in your part-time job when you're so used to working one night and the same night every week. AND it's summer holidays here in Australia. Hope you've sorted out what day it is now :)

  6. This is every day of my life lately. Really, it's scary. I need to take a supplement or something. Hah hah hah.


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