Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Musing: It's a Number

People love anniversaries and birthdays and milestones. We also attach special significance to certain numbers: 1--first anniversary, first birthday, one year in business. 10 because, well, 10! For that matter, anything that ends in a zero or a five. And of course, the quarters: 25, 75, and the real biggies: 50. 100. We really get into these numbers, don't we? I don't know why that is, but today we're going to ignore those flashy numbers. Instead, we'll salute a number that is so humble and unassuming no one ever celebrates it: 334.

Yes, this is post number 334 in my blogging life. 333 posts have gone before; I have no idea how many are still to come. It doesn't matter. 334, this is your day, your moment--enjoy it.

334 has decided to celebrate by taking the day off. That's it, then. Have a great day, everyone!

(Why, yes, I'm a little stretched for ideas today, how did you know?)


  1. You make me smile, Jeff. Enjoy your day off.

  2. Like the labels. WTF Monday ought to be a recurring theme. :P

  3. I'm approaching post 666. Think I should do something special for THAT one? :)

    And hey, I was stretched, too. You SAW my post! Haha! :)

  4. Love it! I have no idea how many posts I've written - I'll have to check!
    Think Stacy needs to get another post up pronto! :)

  5. 334 is a number you should be proud of. Lots of bloggers don't even make it that far. Congratulations!!

  6. Congratulations 334! :) Also, this post was adorable.

  7. -Donna--I figure if I can't enlighten, I might as well amuse!

    -L.G.--WTF Monday--I like it!

    -Stacy--That might be tempting something you don't want to tempt!

    -Jemi--whatever the number, celebrate it! (I'm big on ! today)

    -Anne--thank you, and welcome! I hope you find this space of interest for another 334 posts.



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