Monday, October 6, 2014

Musical Monday: Squeeze

Reaching again back into the 80s vault. I've always liked this song. What surprised me is that it turned out to be Squeeze's highest-charting single in the United States, reaching #15 on the Billboard charts. I was sure that something like Tempted or Black Coffee in Bed would have hit higher on the charts; those songs were much more 'radio present' than this one, at least on the stations I listened to.

I watch a lot of these old videos (well, I don't really sit around watching them; I generally only search them out when a song pops into my head and I've really got to hear it, or I'm looking for a video for the blog) and I wonder if the artists were amused, embarrassed or annoyed at having to do the things they do in them. These guys look mostly amused.

Not much else to report from my little corner of the world here; the weekend was very busy and went by in a blink, leaving me feeling like I need a weekend! How's things by you all?


  1. I always liked that song too. The 'acting' in so many videos is so bad - but fun! I hope people had fun doing them :)

  2. Okay, where was I in the 80s that I missed THAT song? Oh yeah. Going to school, working full time and raising two little ones. I missed a LOT of the 80s! Haha! :)

  3. As a teen in the 80s, and a Brit at that, Squeeze was a staple on the old radio!

    God, I feel old now!

  4. -Jemi--I hope so, too!

    Stacy--with Youtube, you never have to miss the 80s again!

    Donna--I was on a work-related tour yesterday led by a guy who was born in 1984. I don't even want to thin about what year his newest hire was born in!


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