Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Short Break From the Short Break

This morning's map as per the National Weather Service's webpage:

I'm living in the pink zone, the 'Winter Storm Warning' Zone, the '6-to-10 inches of snow' Zone. Of course, folks out near Buffalo would probably snort and say, "6 to 10 inches of snow? Wuss. We'd kill to have 6 to 10 inches of snow." We don't go out on Thanksgiving as a rule, haven't in some time, so we're okay, and it sounds like it will be largely over by tomorrow morning, so I'll get to work off the turkey &c. ahead of time. Hopefully, I'll come out about even.

For those of you who are traveling, be extra safe. This is a big day on the roads in America, and if you're in the northeast in particular (this storm systems spreads from Maine clear down to West Virginia, and there are A LOT of people in it) use extra caution and good judgment. Drive safe, be smart, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. No snow here, well, except for a flurry or two, so that means cold. Brrr. I'm only going out for breakfast, which happens to be the same place I'm picking up my dinner, so the rest of the day I can stay in the warmth of my house and play some games with the kids. Provided they bring some over. :)

  2. Yikes. Good thing you don't have to drive anywhere. Me neither, though we're expecting sixty degrees tomorrow. :P

    Have a great holiday!

  3. We've had a ton of snow too - for a week we got about 6 inches or more every day. Then we have 3 days of rain that froze on top of it. It's been a nutty winter so far! Stay safe and enjoy your turkey day!! :)

  4. Oh, gosh. You guys be careful. And enjoy your Thanksgiving still!


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