Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Morning This and That

-I continue to do battle with Windows. Each night, my computer automatically installs that one critical update that borks my fonts; each morning, I uninstall it. Hey, Microsoft, I want this update! I believe in your updates! Just give me one that doesn't make my documents an unreadable mess--I've got that part taken care of!

-Speaking of unreadable messes, this weekend has largely been a disaster from a writing perspective. I made almost zero progress this weekend, and this after telling two awesome beta readers that I should have it for them by the end of the month. Performance anxiety? I think part of the issue is I've found a rather thin spot in the narrative that I'm having trouble filling. Or it's a timeline issue. I'll figure it out.

-Whoa TV: my wife and I recently burned through the first two seasons of Orphan Black. Have you watched this? Very, very good show, and Tatiana Maslany is fantastic in her multiple roles. The concern I had rolling through season 2 is how will the show not collapse under its own weight? Convoluted conspiracies can be tough to maintain over the long haul, and they already started losing me a bit during season 2. I definitely recommend it.

-Frustration. Last night I was looking for a paragraph or two I had written with the intention of sticking somewhere in my manuscript. I couldn't find it, not in my notebook, not in any of the (too) many files devoted to the project on my computer. I know I wrote it; I just can't find it. It might actually be in one of my older notebooks. Time to dig.

-Oh, oh, oh! In case you're not aware, Elephant's Bookshelf Press has announced their next anthology. Can you write horror? If so, go check out their guidelines and get writing. Deadline is 6/8/15 for September publication. Go! Go!

That's it for me; how are you all?


  1. Okay, now you're making me REALLY glad I bought a new computer when I did. My old one has Vista. I'd hate to think what the updates will do to that (and the next person who turns it on will find out). Whew. Feel like I dodged a bullet.

    I'm feeling a little disorganized right now. Don't know why. It's like my brain is all over the place. Maybe I need to write a list or something. Something to prioritize my day. Start it with "drink coffee" and follow it with "take a shower." Of course, while I'm on the computer visiting blogs, my coffee is getting cold and I'm not getting any cleaner (or awake). Ahhhh, Mondays. Don't you love 'em?

  2. Best of luck! I shall have to consider that anthology, even though for me horror is one of the toughest genres to write.

  3. Have you reported your font problems? Has anyone else talked about it on one of the forums? That has to be so frustrating!

  4. That update would be sending me off the deep end!! Hope it resolves itself soon!
    I watched a few of the first Orphan Black episodes and really enjoyed them. Have to catch up one of these days!

  5. Good luck! Seems like Windows is on a mission to annoy. I also need to up my progress, things have slowed down for some reason.

  6. -Stacy--I know that feeling, of brain all over the place--hope yours settles down a little!

    -Patrick--I find I can do horror reasonably in short stories, though maybe not good enough to publish. Good luck if you decide to go for it--always good to stretch your boundaries!

    -Donna--Windows is apparently aware of it, though to my knowledge, they've failed to fix it yet. I've got automatic updates turned off now, which I don't like, but I'll be reading the notes on the updates and waiting for them to perhaps upgrade the update.

    -Jemi--I feel much better since turning off the auto update, now I'm not fighting with the computer every day. I definitely recommend continuing Orphan Black--good stuff!

    -Nick--Thanks. As for progress, I think we hit natural peaks and valleys. I had a good day yesterday, and a good week overall.


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