Friday, May 8, 2015

We Interrupt this Short Break...

...for a chestnut update! As you can see, the little tree is starting to join the rest of the vegetative world in these parts. Daffodils are up, violets are blooming, even some wild strawberries. And now, the chestnut is starting to leaf out.

I'm glad to see that the brutal winter we had didn't kill it and I'm hoping it really takes off this year.

I'm enjoying my blogging break and expect to return, maybe by June. Hope you're all well. Have a great weekend!


  1. Enjoy the rest of your break and yay for the chestnut tree!

  2. This makes me smile!! I was worried with the winter we had!

  3. Yay for your tree! That's awesome! We lost a lovely tree a couple of years ago during a freak April snowstorm. Fortunately the replacement tree is doing well.

  4. I'm also happy to report that the near-frost we had last week did NOT kill it off.


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