Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Musing

I was heading for another "confessional post." Though it's been partially drafted, it's not ready and I don't have the time (or stomach) to get it ready for this week. Instead, we get random bits of whatever.

-Walking the dog in the morning, I'm still not used to the fact that it's largely dark until right around seven (this week). Autumn seems to come on fast in this part of the world. I'll enjoy it while I can.

- Speaking of walking the dog, I took this picture yesterday afternoon while walking the dog. I kind of like it.

-Debate number 3 is coming up this week. Another thing I'm not sure I have the stomach for. Have you noticed (not to get too political here, but I can't help myself) that Donald Trump's rhetorical strategy of late seems to boil down to "I'm rubber, you're glue"? After the "locker room banter" incident, it was "Bill Clinton said far worse." John McCain is "foul mouthed." (I can't even figure out where that comes from) Hillary Clinton "has hate in her heart." Now, after two debate performances that have had some jokingly (and others seriously) suggest Trump is using cocaine, he wants to take a drug test. Enough of that.

-Making only sporadic progress on the RiP and the WiP this past week/weekend. Going through the RiP, I'm finding some stuff that I can't believe got through to submission stage. Yeesh.

That's about all I've got this week; how's things with you?



  1. Woke up minutes ago and feel nicely awake instead of the usual clingy exhaustion. So of course I rush to start checking on my blogging people. Hi Jeff! Indeed revision can expose mistakes we can't believe got past us. That photo is beautiful. Oh and it's Heroes Day in Jamaica.

  2. I like a nice autumnal walk with the dogs. I'll be off to do the same in a minute. That sort of playground-type exchange is something politicians often resort to, but it seems to be a new level (or depth) with Trump. I have to say, I don't envy you having this choice in this election!

  3. It was SO dark this morning!!
    It's amazing what you find in those revision rounds!!

  4. Yes, enjoy the fall weather while you can. Winters tend to be really long. lol

  5. -Happy Heroes Day, Sheena-kay!
    -Nick--You folks over there have had your own share of turmoil this past year or so. Whatever it is, it looks like it's contagious!
    -Jemi--yeah, I'm finding the revision particularly bothersome right now. Then again, I think I go through this every. Single. Time. I revise.
    -Donna--oh, yeah. And last winter was relatively easy, so I'm hoping we get lucky twice in a row!

  6. I wish it were light at 7. Try 7:30. And then barely.
    I suppose the sun sets later here than there. But I like walking in the morning. Not the evening.

    After Monday's 19-hour car drive (I hate Georgia traffic!), I'm still trying to recover and get caught up in stuff. It's been a slow process.

  7. Stacy--I find the difference in sunrise and sunset in different parts of the same time zone (I think we're in the same time zone) strangely fascinating. I guess we're luck over here!

    I like driving, and long car rides, but I find they get harder to deal with the older I get. I hope you can have a nice, relaxing weekend.

  8. It's getting dark much earlier over here too, but temps are still 80 in the day & 70 at night. Yuck. :P The election has turned into a nightmare -- or a Trumpmare. Any RIP/WIP progress is progress. Yay!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! I've never seen a real beaver or muskrat up close, but it was near water so I figured: beaver. If it had a horn, it could be a unicorn for all I know! lol

  9. Lexa-we had our first day yesterday that really felt like winter, and included a brief snowshower mixed in with a day's worth of rain. I don't mind winter, but I wouldn't mind a few more 80 degree days!

    I am pretty sure that's a muskrat, but it's also an aquatic mammal that eats lots of veggies, so you're good!


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