Monday, July 15, 2013

A Quote

If you trusted the justice system to find a man guilty, you must trust it when it finds a man not guilty, or it's just partiality you seek.--Bryan Peterson

I wasn't in the courtroom. I didn't follow the trial closely (and even if I had, it would have been through the filter of America's mass media, which as concerned with ratings, subscriptions, and click-throughs as it is in providing complete and unbiased coverage). Unpopular decisions like the one handed down on Saturday night are tough to swallow. We have to take it on faith that the system is working as intended. It's not always easy, and sometimes justice is not done, but I'll take this system over any other.

I hope the demonstrations going on throughout the country do not turn violent; I hope the Martin family can find peace.


  1. I like the quote.

    Like you, I didn't follow the news closely, so I can't comment on the fairness of the verdict.

    One thing people should keep in mind is that 'not guilty' does not necessarily equal 'innocent.' It only means the jury didn't feel there was enough evidence to find the defendant guilty.

  2. Agreed. The whole situation is sad and I hope all stays peaceful as well.

  3. Yeah, it's always odd to watch these court room cases on television. Hard to know what's going through a jury's mind. I've heard the jurors wish to remain anonymous. I think that's probably smart.

  4. I'm sad about the verdict but it has already happened.

  5. I have the same hope--no more violence and peace for the Martins.


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