Friday, February 8, 2013

A lot of time and analysis these days is spent on examining women in the media and rethinking how they are presented. We want—we need—to see more quality presentation of women and girls in movies and TV in particular (books are far better at presenting women who are not merely arm- or eye-candy, or there to be rescued).

But as much as we can bemoan the state of women in the media, when we see things like the following commercial, I have to wonder about men, and how we are presenting ourselves, and what we think of ourselves.

Labatt Blue Light is a repeat offender, and their latest offering is especially bad. Their new ad, called "Better Bus," (and not currently up on Youtube) features three 'men' who miss their bus on the way to the game. One opens a Blue Light and a bus magically appears before them. A bus full of women in skin-tight, two-piece cheerleader outfits, hanging out the windows, shaking what they've got. Driven by a woman who leans suggestively against the door and asks the boys if they're …coming.

I'm up for a joke, I'm up for humor, and yes, there's a certain degree of humor in these commercials. But guys, come on: aren't we a little better than this? As much as we can bemoan the messages we're sending to our daughters, what are we telling our sons?

More on this some other time. Have a great weekend!


  1. Thank you. As the mother of four sons, thank you a lot.

  2. Good point. Seems like there's a lot of silliness on both sides.

  3. You raise such a good point-- no one talks about what all of this media representation means for boys. I've heard this film is great, haven't watched it yet:

    1. I've heard of it, but haven't seen it. The Magpie has seen it, though, and it really bothered her. I'll have to find it. Thanks, Olivia.

  4. I thought SNL in the 90s spoofed this kind of doofery brilliantly with their "Schlitz Gay" commercial.


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