Monday, February 4, 2013

Musical Monday: February 3, 1959

On this day in rock and roll history:

Which, of course, spawned this hit some thirteen years later:

Back in the Dark Ages, we had a record player, and we had American Pie on a 45. I know some of you know what that's all about. I remember the song would fade out after, I think the second verse, and you had to flip it over to hear the rest. The song fascinated me for some time, loved that catchy chorus, but seven- or eight-year-old me had no idea what the song was about.

On another note, it's going to be a pretty light week around here, posting-wise, so if anything gets posted at all, it will be pre-loaded, stuff, probably of a purely-musical variety, as I will be away from the home office for several days. So, keep an eye on this space, but don’t be surprised if you get nothing at all until a week from this Friday.

Meanwhile, thank you, Al Diaz, of Father Dragon Writes, for dropping the Liebster Award on me. I've received this one before (not that I'm not grateful, because I am. Thanks, Al!), and it seems to have changed a little bit from that first one (my Liebster went to 5, but this one goes to 11), but I'm going to hold off doing Liebstery things for right now.

I think that's going to be about it for me for now. Have a great week or so, see you!


  1. The day the music died -- such a great song about such a sad story. I'm definitely going to have American Pie stuck in my head all day now!

  2. Haven't heard that one in YEARS! Reminds me how old I truly am. Have a safe, trip!

  3. I used to be afraid of that song. I refused to sing the words when he sang, "this'll be the day that I die." I was so afraid if I said it, it would happen. I was eight. :)

    1. That's such a kid thing, isn't it? Then again, at work, if I had a headache, I'd make a joke along the lines of "The old brain tumor's acting up again" and one of my colleagues would freak out.

  4. Yeah, I have no idea what that song is about but it really gets in your head! LOL

  5. Shame Madonna murdered the song though.

    Hope you're having fun whatever you're up to!


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